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Kolları Kavuşturma Pozu

Management Trainings

Larcon offers special and tailor-made training programs for professionals from Mid-High and C Level executives and Hi-Po staff in the organizations. Our programs include:

  • Leadership Program

  • People Management Program

  • Mission and Vision Statement

  • Strategy Settlement

  • Corporate Objectives and Key Results Definition

  • Organization Set-up and Changes

  • Business Line and Individual Development Programs

  • ​Change Management

Performans Toplantısı

Organizational Excellence Trainings

Larcon offers comprehensive Organizational Excellence training programs to fulfill the skill development needs of the organization. 

  • Mission and Vision, Corporate Culture and Values

  • Strategy

  • Change Management

  • Agile Approach and Methodologies

  • Self Managed Organizations

  • Sales Excellence Programs

  • Operational Excellence Programs

İş toplantısı

Experiential Learning

Experiential Learning programs are designed to provide managing a company real-life experience to attendees in a competitive market condition. It enables improvement of managing skills of the attendee on Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Research&Development, HR, Quality. Another benefit of the program is to improve the experienced-based skill of attendees on “business intelligence”. Attendee skills like business modeling, analysis, and strategic planning, are tested in complex and rapidly changing market conditions.


Benefits of the training:

  • Interdepartmental Integration

  • Innovation and Technology

  • Effective Corporate Management

  • Use of the information on managerial aspects

  • Effective communication

  • Strategic Data Analysis and Strategy Creation

  • Critical Thinking Skills

  • Quantitative Learning Skills

  • Use of Corporate Decision & Effectiveness tools

  • Selective Approach to Big Data


Gamified Learning

Larcon is providing all the programs in a gamified environment in case asked by the organization.  


Makes learning fun and interactive: Regardless of your audience or subject matter, the gamification of learning can help you to create exciting, educational, and entertaining content. It’s not meant to turn work into a game, but it does play on the psychology that drives human engagement.

Creates an addiction to learning: Another, rather surprising, the benefit of gamification in learning is the natural high it can give us, and the impact that ‘high’ has on the retention of knowledge. When our brain wants to reward us, it releases dopamine into our bodies, so when we win a game or achieve something important to us, we feel good.

Gives learners the opportunity to see real-world applications: The third benefit of gamification is all about getting your hands ‘dirty’. Learning on the job can be a very effective way of cementing skills by applying them to practical scenarios.

Offers real-time feedback: The gamification of learning allows employees to work towards real-time, measurable, meaningful targets, and get upper-level feedback as those targets are achieved.

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