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Yuvarlak Kütüphane

Challenge the future of your company:

Be a fast learning, adapting, and responding organization.

The Larcon Way

The Larcon Way, offers organizations a 360° working methodology, to spread the culture of high-speed learning, adaptability, and response characteristics in all levels of the organization.

With a specific focus on the actual being of the organization, The Larcon Way offers a highly customizable and tailor-made program with the aim of Organizational Excellence combined with the Skill Development of the organization members from all levels.


Larcon Experts are ready to support organizations in the way of organizational excellence and organizational and personal skill development. The main idea of Larcon is to create "self consultants" within the organization.  The ultimate result of the consulting activity is to enable the organic development of the organization with its own sources. The idea of creating internal consultants frees organizations from external dependencies and supports the target of being a fast learning, adapting, and responding organization.     


Skill Development is the complementary part of the organization's journey being fast learning, adapting, and responding. With, success-proven training programs, Larcon offers a comprehensive learning path to organization members from all levels. The main essence of our programs is the fact that the content is coming from industry-specific experience and lessons learned from real-life challenges. Larcon's promise is to provide organizations professionals with high-level seniority and possesses hands-on knowledge on what they are sharing.  

Gündelik İş Toplantısı


Larcon is founded in order to provide concrete and success-proven business perspectives to organizations on their challenge to respond to what their clients ask from them.  Larcon itself acts as an ecosystem, a living organism evolving continually to provide the best value to her business partners. Our everchanging structure aims to provide the best-fit solution to our business partners with the right experts on task.

For us, Consulting means providing the power of creating internal consultants for our business partners to exploit the best potential and cost-optimized sources within the organization. 

For us, Training means experience sharing, we are no teachers or Larcon is not a school. Members of Larcon ecosystem are highly experienced professionals equipped with real-life skills. In each of our programs, they share their experiences and provide our business partners real-life information that is ready to be used on the next day of the training by attendees. 

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Fatih Sultan Mehmet Mh. Poligon Cd. Buyaka 2 Kapı No: 66

Umraniye / İstanbul-TR

Ucevler Mh. Dumlupinar Cd.

Kunhan Apt B Blok No: 16/2

Nilüfer /Bursa - TR

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